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Below is the volunteer information for UC SAN DIEGO MEDICAL CENTER.

Volunteer Phone: (619) 543-6370
Volunteer URL:
Volunteer Information: UC San Diego Health encourages you to become a volunteer. Our volunteers play an integral role in assisting UC San Diego Health personnel in their activities of patient care, education and research. At the same time, many of our volunteers say their experiences at UC San Diego Health have been highly rewarding, personally fulfilling and sometimes life changing.. For more information about volunteer opportunities at this hospital, visit UC SAN DIEGO MEDICAL CENTER volunteer website now.
Volunteer Placements/Services: 6th Floor, 8th Floor, Cardiac Care Unit, or IMU; Administrative Support (Owen Clinic, Volunteer Services, etc.); Call Pool/Concierge; Critical Care Units; EEG/Epilepsy Research; Emergency Department; Hemodialysis; Interventional Pulmonology Unit; Musicians; Nuclear Medicine; Patient “Personal Care” Program; Pharmacy (Discharge/Outpatient); Pre-op Admissions; Radiology; Rehabilitation Services; Respiratory Care ; Perioperative Care (PACU and Surgical Waiting Info Desk); Senior Behavioral Medicine; Spiritual Care; Tender Loving Canine Program
Application Process: 1. Apply for and attend orientation. 2. Complete tuberculosis screening. Provide written verification for immunity to mumps, measles, rubella and chickenpox (varicella). This is done by a blood draw or verification of vaccinations on an immunization record. 3. Complete Organizational Orientation Curriculum (online training). 4. Have a placement interview. 5. Purchase a uniform ($20). Volunteers should be easily recognizable by staff and patients. A standard uniform and hospital ID badge ensure immediate identification. Volunteers should maintain clean uniforms and shoes, present a well-groomed image, and show courteous manners. Uniform includes clean white or khaki (tan) pants with uniform top and closed toe/rubber-soled shoes. 6. Obtain an ID badge ($10 to replace if forgotten or lost). 7. Attend department training.

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