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Below is the volunteer information for MAYO CLINIC HOSPITAL.

Volunteer Phone: (480) 342-2141
Volunteer URL:
Volunteer Information: Mayo Clinic volunteers serve patients and visitors with a personal touch. Volunteers help patients feel more comfortable, assist Mayo staff members in carrying out their patient care mission, and are a source of pride and enjoyment. Like everyone at Mayo Clinic, we have a primary concern for patients' well-being, comfort and security. Volunteers contribute to Mayo's mission in numerous ways. They reassure anxious visitors, support a caring but busy professional staff and help ensure the individual attention that Mayo patients have come to expect.. For more information about volunteer opportunities at this hospital, visit MAYO CLINIC HOSPITAL volunteer website now.
Volunteer Programs: Adult Volunteer; High School Student Summer Volunteer Program; College Student Summer Volunteer Program; Caring Canines
Volunteer Placements/Services: Assisting with patient preparation; Offering directions and information to patients; Providing clerical assistance; Supporting Mayo Clinic's day-to-day operations
Application Process: Adult Volunteer: Complete and submit the online volunteer application form. After you submit the application, Mayo Clinic Volunteer Services will contact you to schedule an interview. Prior to starting volunteer service, adult applicants are required to: Attend a four-hour general orientation; Pass the background check; Complete a two-step tuberculosis (TB) skin test, at no charge (a positive result may require additional bloodwork); Complete the volunteer training program. Once you've completed the application and interview process, you'll be assigned to one four-hour shift a week, on the same day and at the same time each week.

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